Job Training....

This training is mainly for Degree holders those who are searching for a Job. This is Training cum 100% 
Placement program. The student will get job within 2 to 3 months in this program. Students are interviewed 
and evaluated in their skill set before admitting them in this program.

For the first two to three months students are trained in Siddhis Career Development Center, after that they are 
appointed as a programmer in Siddhis Software Services.
In this program students are given training in Personality Development, Communication Skill Development and 
International Knowledge.

Benefit Loaded

•	Students need not search a JOB
• Students get the Job within 3 months
• Students are trained in different platforms to work one real time project.
• Students will be treated individually with special care.
• Students will be getting real knowledge on Software Development Life Cycle.
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