Campus Training....

Siddhis Career Development Center has defined a unique IT Service & training model to accommodate the needs 
of small, medium, large organizations, which assist them in bringing the Service level up while driving the cost down. 
Siddhis Career Development Center has made "IT" education interactive, convenient and effective. 
We combine years of experience in the educational field with domain expertise to bring the best 
educational resources to diverse audiences. 

Siddhis Career Development Center also provides HR Services Software development, Software maintenance 
to technology-driven organizations, by strategically leveraging offshore resources in our development 
center in Hyderabad.

The students trained through this program will have the opportunity to take advantage of the large 
number of career opportunities available in the market with IT companies. This is an excellent 
facility for students and will open the doors for emerging career opportunities in the IT industry. 
Siddhis Career Development Center provides students with a sound academic foundation, 
which will enable them, achieve their career objectives. 

We organize seminars and training sessions for the student’s batch and give them an industry perspective, 
enabling them to train the students accordingly. We design industry-oriented topics, and provide the 
courseware and study guide to students. We give them projects to do, which give them a confident level 
in the job industry. 

This Program is fully integrated with development and support service for students. It provides corporatetraining 
training services at an institutional level. The program is particularly attractive to students who are 
seeking a career in Information Technology. Our Program has expanded to offer you a variety of services 
aimed to help you achieve in IT Industry. We make sure that students are well equipped in Technology 
as well as in Communication. 

Every individual who engages in Siddhis Career Development Center Training environment will have 
an experience that provides the best outcome and value at the applicant’s work environment. 

In addition to IT training our campus training course also includes Personality Development, 
Conversational English, The Art of Communication, Presentation Skills and Interview Facing Skills. 

After the course is complete, a final assessment is taken and a certificate given, showing clearly 
the grades received and thus progress made post training. Based on these grades and a final 
interview with each candidate, we determine which company he or she would be best suited and arrange 
the interviews accordingly. 

•	To bridge the gap between industry's requirement & skill set.
•	To emerge as the global leader in offering industry specific training programs. 
•	To Create a Technically Trained Human Resource Pool Ready for IT Industrial Challenges.
•	To bring the Service level up while driving the cost down By strategically leveraging offshore resources
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