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Siddhis Career Development Center provides quality training with attractive monthly stipend, supported with live
projects which are carefully planned and provide students with the real world industry scenario.
The objective of the program is to equip Young corporatetrainings with industry oriented knowledge and make them 
productive right from the start and to meet the increasing demand for skilled corporatetrainings from organizations
across the country.

About Course:

This program is designed in acquiring technical skills and an over-all development of graduates through soft 
skills training. The highlights of the program include Programming Foundations, Soft Skills, Technology 
Specialization, Communication Skills and Project Management Skills by way of hands-on experience 
on live projects.

We are extremely delighted to have been successful in taking many of our candidates into our Offshore 
Development Center (ODC) and also placing in good companies. We further aim at continuing this program 
and helping graduates to equip themselves with industry oriented knowledge and practices and facilitates 
their career through our ongoing placement process.
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